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Slider era 2019


Hot on the heels of his debut EP, 'Broken Lenses' (2019), which many critics cite was a mature, honest and reflective project; South East London native C Murray is back with his latest offering - Slider Era.


‘Slider Era’ demonstrates C Murray's diverse writing ability and charismatic personality. The tongue and cheek single contain's slick metaphors and notable references that address the topic of ‘keeping it real’. Listeners are treated with witty lyrics separating the real roadman's life from the fake.


C Murray explains; “Many people think they have to walk and talk a certain way to be accepted and celebrated or to rack up online views or gain neighbourhood notoriety. I realised it is better to be the best version of yourself than a second rate carbon copy of someone else.


He states that the term ‘Slider Era’ represents the 10 toes in, internet capping, social media age. Murray further elaborates.


''There was a whole another underworld before this era. I once was a part of it, I was on the other side of the fence, and a number of bad choices that I made went on to affect me, my peers and loved ones. Fortunately, I managed to turn my life around. Unbeknown to many there is nothing new under the sun''

Holding on 2019

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