C Murray is a hip-hop artist that has a diverse wealth of life experiences which is reflected through his thought-provoking music.  


On his debut EP offering 'Broken Lenses', he shared personal flaws, vulnerabilities and challenges encountered in his life. The 'Intro track' from Broken Lenses was included in the award winning film 'Step Back' which has massed over 1 million views. 

His discography includes the singles 'Slider Era' and the nostalgic fuelled 'Yesterday' which, paid homage to the 80s & 90s. Honourable mentions on 'Yesterday' contain Troop Trainers, Naf Naf jackets and Super Cat.

After a short musical hiatus C Murray the renaissance man is back with his latest project entitled 'Class of 95'. On the album the South East London rapper commutes down memory lane, through the eyes of his teenage self-growing up in London during the iconic year of 1995.  

The 10 track cinematic project transports the listener back to this memorable era and from start to finish is reminiscent of a real life roller coaster that is packed with experiences and emotion. Themes comprise of: school, fashion, Jungle music, summer, rivalries, money, abandonment, incarceration and searching for belonging. 

The album concludes with a song called ‘Lickle Claude’, where there is a conversation between his younger and adult self.  


It has been stated by many that C Murray is an open and honest artist and that his music is filled with relatable messages and meaning that transcends generations.