The aim of the course is to provide a therapeutic safe space for individuals to explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences in a holistic and confidential setting.


What does Broken Lenses mean?


Noun: An outlook that has been birthed and developed due to the inner turmoil and pain that one feels;


  • A damaged perspective that drives a person’s actions;

  • A viewpoint that prohibits a person to see beyond their circumstances;

  • Trauma that consumes a person’s vision, thoughts, feelings and behaviour; 


Aims of the course:

No matter our age, ethnicity, background or bank balance at some point in our lives we go through challenges that cause us to experience pain, uncertainty and the loss of hope. With this being taken into account the aim of the course is to provide the following;

  •      To offer a therapeutic space for individuals to explore their thoughts, feelings and  experiences.

  •      To allow individuals to be seen, felt and heard.

  •      To increase and support the emotional/mental wellbeing of individuals.

  •      To help individuals become more self-aware.

  •      To help individuals to develop positive coping strategies.

  •      To enable individuals to find creative ways to express themselves.

  •      To enable individuals to feel equipped and empowered.

Who is the course for?

The course is for anyone over 21 who feels that they would benefit from exploring their thoughts, feelings and actions at a deeper level and is open to group discussions, as well as meeting new people.

Course content:

During the 6 weeks we will explore the following;


  • Mental wellbeing

  • Depression

  • Loss

  • Anger 

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Childhood

  • Power in creativity; Art therapy 

  • Stereotyping 

  • Changing the narrative 

  • Journaling 

  • Self-care

  • Health & Fitness 



The course will be taking place in October/November 2019.


Course Price:



To be confirmed.


For further information and sign up please contact: